Brynjólfur Y. Jónsson

Brynjólfur Y. Jónsson

  • SpecialtyOrthopaedics
  • Medical license since1983


Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1981. General licence in medicine in Iceland 1983, licence as specialist in orthopaedic surgery in Iceland 1989. General medical licence in Sweden 1984. Specialist license in orthopaedic surgery in Sweden 1988. Specialist degree in orthopaedics in Sweden 1995.


Candidate studies in Reykjavík and Húsavík 1981-1983. Specialist training in orthopaedics at the hospitals of Sundsvall and Härnösand, Sweden, 1983-1987. Work as a department physician at the orthopaedic department at the University Hospital in Malmö, concurrently with his doctoral studies, which culminated in a doctoral dissertation in 1993.Work as a specialist at the hand surgery department at Akranes Hospital 1995-2002. From 1 June 2002 to June 2015 Chief Medical Officer at the Fracture Surgery Department at the Orthopaedic Department of the University Hospital Malmö, Sweden. Since 1995 independent practice in Reykjavík.


General orthopaedics, fracture and accident medicine.


Arthroscopic surgery e.g. in; knee, shoulder and ankle. Foot surgery e.g. protruding bones, toe aberrations, ganglia. Hand procedures e.g.; Tingling of the hand, ganglions, sinafell crises. Surgery on tendons and ligaments e.g. shoulder, elbow, ankle and knee.

Scientific interests

Fracture epidemiology, osteoporosis causes, Rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery.

Area of activity

General assessment of patients with orthopaedic problems. Certificate writing assessment.