Varicose veins surgery – laser therapy

Instructions after the procedure:

Pain: During the first few days, discomfort can be expected in the surgical area. Bruising, pulling sensation, soreness and swelling.  Use painkillers, if needed, available without a prescription: Paracetamol/Paratabs/Panodil 500 mg, 2 tbl up to four times a day or Parkodin 2 tbl.  two to four times daily

Packaging: Bloodstained fluids may come into dressing during the first day. After the operation, an elastic sock is placed on the leg up to the groin. On the outside of an elastic bandage that can be removed after 48 hours and discarded. You can also take off your elastic sock and take a shower, and then put it on again. The wrapping pad under the elastic sock can be removed simultaneously before the shower and discarded. The sock should subsequently be used for 5-7 days from surgery, day and night. The sock reduces pain, bruising and prevents swelling from accumulating. Itching may accompany prolonged use of the dressing. Some people benefit from taking common allergy medications available without a prescription to relieve the itching. It is advisable that patients purchase the correct size pharmacy "flight socks" that extend up to the knee and use during daytime from day 5-7 after surgery for 1-3 weeks as appropriate. against a prescription. 

Movement: Keep quiet for the first 1-2 days, but make all your journeys while avoiding heavy stress. You can take regular walks several times a day. Make sure you have higher feet for the first 1-2 nights. Do foot exercises regularly by moving around the ankle joint up and down so that the calves are stretched; "pumping exercises". This stops swelling accumulating in the leg and thus reduces pain. Gymnastics and swimming after 10 days or when puncture wounds are securely closed or healed.

Other: After laser treatment, you may experience traction or cords in the surgical area and sensory changes in the skin that are usually transient for days, weeks and sometimes longer. It is normal for the skin to bruise for some weeks after the operation. Also, lumps, lumps or lumps form under the skin first place where the varicose veins used to be. Hirudoid® cream may be  used after 5-7 days available without a prescription to reduce bruising. It is applied thinly to the bruised area 2-3 was a day until the bruising disappears. Frequently, later (>3 months after surgery) is injected into smaller varicose veins and stretch marks if appropriate. The medicine polidocanol (Aetoxysclerol) is used alone or as a foam. The medicine blocks these blood vessels. 

Payments: The Icelandic Health Insurance (SÍ) pays for the operation mostly for those insured with health insurance in Iceland according to the tariff. Entry fees are added to the SI tariff.

Stefán E. Matthíasson dr. med.
Diagnosis and treatment of surgical and vascular diseases